Security Audit - Professional Assessment and Protection of Your Infrastructure

In today's digital world, information security has become a critical element of success for every business. Our company offers comprehensive security audits that cover computer networks, server infrastructure, and web applications.

Our services are based on years of experience and deep expertise in IT security. We conduct a thorough analysis of potential threats, identifying vulnerabilities and recommending specific actions to eliminate them. Our team of experts utilizes the latest tools and methodologies, including penetration testing and compliance analysis with OWASP Top 10 and OWASP Top 100 guidelines.

We specialize in:

⚙️ Security audits of computer networks, identifying potential attack vectors and security gaps.

⚙️ Security infrastructure analysis, including configuration, physical security, and virtual environments.

⚙️ Web application security assessment, including penetration testing, source code analysis, and compliance assessment with OWASP guidelines.

Our goal is to ensure that your IT infrastructure is resilient against all threats, and your data is protected. Thanks to our audits, you can be confident that your IT environment is secure and compliant with industry best practices.

We invite you to take advantage of our security audit services and experience the benefits of professional assessment and protection for your business.

Testimonials from Our Clients

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Marcin Krukowski

COO & Co-Founder, So Easy IT

As part of So Easy IT Ltd. activities, we collaborated with SparkEdge on security reconnaissance and infrastructure for e-commerce platforms. The technical knowledge and commitment they demonstrated contributed to the smooth execution of the process. We certainly recommend SparkEdge as a reliable partner in the IT field.

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Petros Ioannou

Managing Director, Infinitee Solutions Ltd

I had the pleasure to work closely with Tomasz, being one of the key persons to go to for complex queries regarding devOps & server management. Tomasz is very professional and detail-oriented, and was always able to find a great solution to meet our expectations to the fullest. Proactively suggesting alternatives was definitely very much appreciated both by the business, the developer team and partners. Always polite, helpful and going that extra mile it is a great time working with him.

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Paweł Golianek

Owner, Enifis

As Enifis, a company specializing in eCommerce technologies, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Tomasz Siroń from SparkEdge during various phases of our initiatives. Tomasz had a decisive impact in areas such as creating environments for developers, shaping virtual infrastructure, and tailoring network configurations to meet application needs. Our latest success involved the implementation of an environment based on Kubernetes and Docker, which significantly accelerated our development processes. Tomasz also played a key role in implementing processes related to containerization, CI/CD, GitLab, and pipeline security. His technical skills, combined with his commitment, ensured that all these activities were carried out smoothly and without complications. Based on our positive experiences, we wholeheartedly recommend Tomasz Siroń from SparkEdge as a trustworthy and proficient partner in the IT sector, especially in the context of support for development teams.

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Łukasz Jackiewicz

IT Infrastructure Team Leader | Sys Admin, Sii Poland

Cooperation with Tomasz, who worked as an administrator in the infrastructure department, was very effective and enjoyable. He performed his duties with diligence and professionalism. He executed every task comprehensively and often proposed unconventional solutions. Always fully engaged and smiling, which greatly helped the team deal with daily challenges :)

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BOIT Ltd. had the pleasure of working with SparkEdge in the area of Linux server administration and open-source application management. Their professionalism and commitment translate into the highest quality of services provided. We highly recommend collaboration with SparkEdge in the field of IT technology.

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