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At SparkEdge, we strive for excellence in technology and innovation. We engage in the entire lifecycle of projects, from design to optimization, ensuring efficiency.

  • Check Double Icon Comprehensive support in network and system security, including analysis and protection against threats.
  • Check Double Icon Development and maintenance of applications using the latest DevOps and containerization technologies, focusing on reliability and performance.
  • Check Double Icon Experience in managing high-traffic systems, including video streaming and real-time data processing.
  • Check Double Icon Design and implementation of smart home systems, integrating various functions into a cohesive ecosystem.
  • Check Double Icon Execution of advanced projects in electronics, such as interactive lighting systems and custom-made solutions.
  • Check Double Icon Efficient optimization and automation of application deployment processes and other key business processes.


At SparkEdge, we merge technological innovations with social responsibility, striving to create solutions that not only meet the highest quality standards but also serve society. We believe that through access to modern technologies, we can make the world a better place. Our mission goes beyond providing services to clients; we aim for our solutions to be available to all who seek growth and contribute to positive change.


  • Check Circle Icon Innovation - we constantly seek new solutions that make technology accessible and beneficial for everyone.
  • Check Circle Icon Quality - we continuously strive for excellence in every project, ensuring the highest service standards for our clients.
  • Check Circle Icon Collaboration - we believe that transparent collaboration with clients and partners is the key to success and mutual development.
  • Check Circle Icon Social Responsibility - we care for society by executing projects that support access to technology and promote sustainable development.
Scalable Cloud Systems Icon

Scalable Cloud Systems

We design and implement scalable cloud systems, tailoring solutions to the unique requirements of our clients and scaling them according to growing demands.

Security and Protection Icon

Security and Protection

We offer holistic solutions in security and data protection, assisting clients in securing their systems and networks.

Custom Application Services Icon

Custom Application Services

We provide integrated and custom SaaS services - SparkCloud, combining different technology domains. Our solutions encompass high-quality video streaming, advanced server virtualization and management, and other innovative services tailored to individual client needs.

Interactive Lighting and Smart Building Icon

Interactive Lighting and Smart Building

We play a significant role in creating innovative interactive lighting systems for diverse spaces, giving them a unique character. Our solutions also include intelligent energy management in buildings, enabling the collection and analysis of data from renewable energy sources and energy consumption monitoring. This allows us to enhance energy efficiency and savings.

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SmartHome Applications

Integrate your home with the cloud using our SmartHome solutions. We offer support for popular platforms such as HomeAssistant and Domoticz, allowing remote control and automation of your home from anywhere in the world.

MQTT Broker

The central heart of your smart home, enabling smooth communication between IoT devices. Secure, reliable, and easy to use - discover the true power of the Internet of Things with SparkCloud!

DevOps Services for Business

We facilitate companies' transition to cloud computing, optimizing code release processes and ensuring continuous integration and delivery.

Security Audit

We conduct network, infrastructure, and web application security audits. Our services include a thorough analysis of potential threats and recommendations for their elimination, ensuring the security of your business.

Linux Systems Management

We offer professional server management based on the Linux system, ensuring their stability and security. Our services include configuration, monitoring, and system optimization.

Interactive Bench

A multimedia bench project that combines tradition with modernity, allowing users to listen to speeches and music in the peaceful surroundings of a city square. An innovative approach to a resting place that becomes a bridge between the past and the present.

Electrical Installations and Smart Home

Comprehensive electrical installations, tailored to both traditional and modern needs. We offer classic installation solutions and dedicated Smart Home systems that allow remote management and control over your home or office.

Realtime Streaming for Business

A specialized streaming service based on WebRTC technology, designed for demanding business clients. We guarantee live broadcasts with minimal delay, enabling real-time online events.

Cable Network Services

Comprehensive network services from design to installation. We offer precise measurements, design, and installation of network infrastructure. Additionally, we provide expertise in configuring network devices and advanced routing, ensuring optimal performance and network security.

Interactive Lighting

Discover the magic of interactive lighting that combines traditional light decorations with modern technologies. With our solution, you can control lighting remotely, creating unforgettable effects and atmosphere anywhere.

Wireless Network Services

We specialize in configuring long, multi-kilometer point-to-point radio connections in the unlicensed band. Our solutions guarantee stability and high throughput, even on difficult routes and in crowded areas.

Fiber Optic Network Services

Professional welding and fiber optic measurements. We guarantee the quality and reliability of your network, supporting installations and configurations.

Visual Monitoring for Companies

We implement advanced visual monitoring projects for companies, using the latest IP camera technologies. Our systems guarantee high image quality and reliable operation, ensuring security and control over every corner of your business.

IT Consulting for Businesses

We provide comprehensive information technology services tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We offer expertise in the areas of networking, virtualization, Linux, and DevOps.

ProxMox Cloud for Developers

Optimized platform for testing applications in LXC containers with dedicated public IPv4.


Discover SparkCloud Services

Home Automation Systems Icon

Home Automation Systems

We offer cloud-based, convenient, and flexible solutions for managing home automation, such as Domoticz and Home Assistant.

MQTT Broker Icon

MQTT Broker

We provide a reliable and scalable MQTT broker service, enabling seamless device connectivity in Internet of Things (IoT) systems.

Low-Latency Streaming Icon

Low-Latency Streaming

With our specialized streaming service using proprietary load balancer, you can enjoy high-quality, low-latency live streaming. Our solution offers greater flexibility and control than standard platforms, allowing for unique live events and camera feed broadcasts.

Virtualization and Server Management Icon

Virtualization and Server Management

We offer an advanced platform for virtualization and server management, specifically designed with developers in mind. Our solution enables flexible and efficient resource management, perfect for testing, developing, and deploying applications in various environments.

Sample Project in Numbers

Domek nad stawem

Interactive Lighting Project Statistics, Year 2018

Immediately after the project was implemented, it gained significant media attention both locally and nationally. Our previous efforts allowed us to establish valuable contacts, resulting in a substantial increase in reach.

17,000 visits to the Polish version of the website

17,000 visits to the Polish version of the website

1,700 visits to the English version of the website

1,700 visits to the English version of the website

4,600 individuals using the application simultaneously

4,600 individuals using the application simultaneously

100GB of traffic generated by users at the time of project publication

100GB of traffic generated by users at the time of project publication

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Marcin Krukowski

COO & Co-Founder, So Easy IT

Lewy cudzysłów As part of So Easy IT Ltd. activities, we collaborated with SparkEdge on security reconnaissance and infrastructure for e-commerce platforms. The technical knowledge and commitment they demonstrated contributed to the smooth execution of the process. We certainly recommend SparkEdge as a reliable partner in the IT field. Prawy cudzysłów

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Petros Ioannou

Managing Director, Infinitee Solutions Ltd

Lewy cudzysłów I had the pleasure to work closely with Tomasz, being one of the key persons to go to for complex queries regarding devOps & server management. Tomasz is very professional and detail-oriented, and was always able to find a great solution to meet our expectations to the fullest. Proactively suggesting alternatives was definitely very much appreciated both by the business, the developer team and partners. Always polite, helpful and going that extra mile it is a great time working with him. Prawy cudzysłów

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Paweł Golianek

Owner, Enifis

Lewy cudzysłów As Enifis, a company specializing in eCommerce technologies, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Tomasz Siroń from SparkEdge during various phases of our initiatives. Tomasz had a decisive impact in areas such as creating environments for developers, shaping virtual infrastructure, and tailoring network configurations to meet application needs. Our latest success involved the implementation of an environment based on Kubernetes and Docker, which significantly accelerated our development processes. Tomasz also played a key role in implementing processes related to containerization, CI/CD, GitLab, and pipeline security. His technical skills, combined with his commitment, ensured that all these activities were carried out smoothly and without complications. Based on our positive experiences, we wholeheartedly recommend Tomasz Siroń from SparkEdge as a trustworthy and proficient partner in the IT sector, especially in the context of support for development teams. Prawy cudzysłów

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Łukasz Jackiewicz

IT Infrastructure Team Leader | Sys Admin, Sii Poland

Lewy cudzysłów Cooperation with Tomasz, who worked as an administrator in the infrastructure department, was very effective and enjoyable. He performed his duties with diligence and professionalism. He executed every task comprehensively and often proposed unconventional solutions. Always fully engaged and smiling, which greatly helped the team deal with daily challenges :) Prawy cudzysłów

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Lewy cudzysłów BOIT Ltd. had the pleasure of working with SparkEdge in the area of Linux server administration and open-source application management. Their professionalism and commitment translate into the highest quality of services provided. We highly recommend collaboration with SparkEdge in the field of IT technology. Prawy cudzysłów


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